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Like they say in Hawai'i; e komo mai (welcome) ! 

Taylor J Shade site is an all inclusive page containing all my passions;

- Travel

- Food

- Art

- Interior design 

In my blog posts, you will find blogs about my favorite restaurants and coffee shops around the world, about the trips I've planned and gone on, about my lifestyle in the military, and about owning a home and my favorite furniture. 

In addition, I paint oils and do photography whenever I'm not traveling or busy at work -- THANK YOU for checking it out! 


Planning a Trip? 


I'm just a girl, entering my 30's, trying to master the art of what is worth living for.


I find that food and wine make me happy. I'm a foodie in and out. I love to explore and find new spots around the world. I will never pass up a medium-rare steak and a glass of wine. 


I find beauty and joy in art, photography, and furniture. There's nothing more pleasing than the perfect lighting or a good Anthropologie sale. 

Since graduating college, I moved to South Korea and then Hawaii, and now I'm back in Ohio (OH-!) --- not sure what the future holds for me, but I'm focused on enjoying the journey! 





Check out art?

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