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Q: I want to book an appointment, how do I do that? 

A:  I am by appointment only, and work off a waitlist. I only open my waitlist a few times a year and select a handful of designs to work with. This allows me the time and energy to focus on designing and tattooing. Please follow my IG where I will update my waitlist opening dates.

Q: I paid the $50 for your waitlist, when will I hear about making an appointment? 

A: If you are on the waitlist, you will receive a booking email from me either quickly, or within a few weeks depending on how far out I'm booked. My schedule is booking 3-4 months out at this time. 

Q: I want super fine lines, how small can you make my tattoo? 


      Before requesting a micro-tattoo, please do your research and understand the risks associated with fineline and micro realism tattoos. Fineline tattoos have a higher risk of falling out and fading. My motto with tattoos is "the bigger the better". The bigger the tattoo, the more details can be shown. I do my best to ensure there is thick enough lines and enough contrast to make the tattoo last, but please know there is more of a risk with these kinds of tattoos. As this style is newer (within the past decade), there aren't a ton of examples of what these tattoos will look like past 5-10 years. I personally love this style. 

Q: What ingredients do you use? 

A: I use all professional Dynamic and Solid Inks, and Kwadron cartridge needles. 

Q: Do I need to schedule a consultation to finalize my design? 

A: Due to my limited schedule, I do not have very many consultations available. I prioritize most of my time tattooing or designing upcoming tattoos. I design in chronological order, so I may only have your design ready a couple days before your appointment. We can finalize your design when you arrive for your appointment. I make sure everyone gets at least a 2 hour time slot to ensure there's enough time to make sure you love the tattoo, the size, and the placement before we start. When you make the initial request, make sure you provide me with enough information, details, and sample photos for me to start designing. 

Q: How much do you charge? 

A: In order to keep my books open and to not just turn small "quick" tattoos down, my minimum to $250. I make sure to provide everyone with at least a 1 hour appointment to allow for set-up, stenciling, tattooing, aftercare, and clean up. With small tattoos, stenciling can be quite challenging, but it is the most important part. My hourly rate is $250/hr. My waitlist fee is $50 with an additional booking fee, which varies from $100-$200 depending on the size and design of your tattoo. Waitlist and Booking Fees are deducted from the final cost of the tattoo. 

We do accept credit cards, Apple Pay, and cash. We do not accept Venmo or CashApp, unless it's for tip. 

Q: Do you do coverups? 

A: Due to my limited schedule and fineline/micro realism style, I do not accept coverups at the moment. 

Q: Do you tattoo minors with parental consent? 


A: No. You must be 18 years old, with ID.  


Q: Can I bring a friend/parent/S.O. with me? 


A: You may bring one emotional support human with you if you would like. But I ask that you treat them to either food/coffee for being such a good friend. They must be 16+, no children are allowed in a tattoo studio. I also ask that you guys refrain from talking too much to avoid excessive movement while you are getting tattooed.


Q: Do you take walk-ins? 


A: No. I am usually booked up months in advance and have a waitlist. If I have a no-show or same day cancelation, I will post on Instagram in order to fill up my slot as fast as possible. If you want to be notified, please go to my Instagram and click on the bell in the top right hand corner to get notified of posts. 


Q: What happens if I am unable to come to my appointment or I am late? 


A: Please give me an advanced notice of at least 72 hours to reschedule an appointment. You will be able to reschedule once with advanced notice before having to pay another booking fee. If it is less than 72 hours, you will forfeit your fees and will need to pay for an additional booking fee. If you are 20 minutes late, you will be considered a no-show and I will need to fill your slot as soon as possible.


If you do not come to your appointment and you give no notice, you will be marked as a no-show. Your deposit will be lost, and you will not be able to book any future appointments.  


Q: Should I leave a tip? 


A: Our credit card machine allows you to leave a tip. After shop fees, taxes, and equipment supplies, I do only receive a portion of what I charge you. Please be aware that the machine does do automatic math, which doesn't include the waitlist fee, booking fee, or any cash you pay with, so there is an option to leave a "custom" tip.


Q: Can I pick my own font for tattoos?


A:  I use Photoshop for all fonts. If you would like to go through and pick your font ahead of time, you can email me which font you would like to use. This website allows you to type in what words you want and what it will look like in any font. 


Q: Can I take pictures or videos of you tattooing?


A: Absolutely! We are a video and picture friendly shop! We LOVE social media! Feel free to tag me in any pictures or videos you take. And if you do take videos, you can Airdrop them to me for me to potentially use it in a TikTok or Instagram reel. 


Q: What is your zero tolerance policy for not responding? 


A: That's a great question! Just like a restaurant business, I hold the right to not serve or tattoo clients that I feel are being disrespectful. I feel that I am very understanding and this will vary on a case by case basis. If you have family or health issues, please communicate that with me so I can put your spot in a hold status until you are able to come back to get tattooed. If I receive no response for an extended period of time, I will assume you are no longer interested in getting tattooed and you will be removed from my waitlist. If you are too busy to respond to me, then I will assume you are too busy to get a tattoo. Just be respectful and communicate with me. Don't be a jerk. 

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