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I will use Saniderm or Recovery on your new tattoo unless you request not to. 

Depending on the size of your tattoo, I will provide you with one or two pieces of Saniderm. For bigger pieces, you will remove the first piece of Saniderm within 24 hours, wash the tattoo with anti-bacterial non-scented soap, air dry the tattoo completely, and then place a new piece of Saniderm onto the tattoo for 5-7 days. Saniderm will only stick to completely dry skin. For smaller pieces, you will keep the original piece of Saniderm on the skin for 3-5 days. Once you remove the Saniderm, wash the tattoo a couple times a day with anti-bacterial non-scented soap and use Aquaphor or Lubriderm on the tattoo as needed to keep the tattoo from scabbing

Things to avoid:

Avoid exercising for 7 days to avoid infection. Avoid drinking alcohol 48 to 72 hours after getting a tattoo to avoid blood thinning. And of course, avoid clothes or jewelry rubbing against your tattoo, avoid touching it, and avoid the direct sun exposure for at least 3-6 weeks after getting a tattoo. And don't use sunscreen on fresh tattoos, since it will could affect how the ink heals. 

Be aware:

If you notice any rash, irritation, acne, or are leaking from the Saniderm, remove it IMMEDIATELY. If things can get out of the Saniderm, bacteria can get in. Please notify me with any concerns you may have. 

*Saniderm is easier to take off under warm water or while in the shower. It is water resistant, but not water proof so please avoid excessive water. 

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