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Your one stop shop for all 


I take photos of people, food, places, and more!


Planning a trip? Check out some of my travel guides from around the world! Oh, and I would never leave out my food guides.


things beautiful and delicious!


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Current location

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Image by Tim Mossholder

Tabula Rasa

Image by Anne Nicole


Image by


Image by Franz Nawrath

Lat Amer.

Image by Kyriacos Georgiou


Image by Marissa Rodriguez

I'm Taylor. 

I'm a coffee drinker, picture taker, food lover, content creator, and go-getter.

I recently switched from Active Duty Army to Reserves in order to pursue my MBA at The Ohio State. My passion for traveling the world and creating beautiful things was just too great to end up at Ft. Polk again. Follow me on my path to pursuing what I was born to be.


My favorite past time is planning and organizing trips around the world to enjoy the food and cultures of lands far far away. I grew up in a small town in Ohio and I traveled abroad for the first time as a foreign exchange student at the age of 15, and I haven't stopped since. I hope to share my experiences and travel guides so you all can take part in your own journeys! 

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Hey there!

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