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Hawaii Underwater Photography

By Taylor Jo Shade

Oahu, Hawaii

I got the opportunity to participate in one of New Wave Photography's underwater photography shoots this summer! Jasmine is an amazing photographer, who specializes in weddings, elopements, couples sessions, portraits, and more! She does an incredible job at capturing life's beautiful moments while having an eye for bringing out Hawaii's natural warm light, creating the most majestical photos and perfect memories. If you're looking for a photographer in Hawaii, I highly recommend checking out her photos through the link above.

I absolutely LOVE that she has opened up her photography world to others, sharing her passion, knowledge, and skills with other photographers! Her Adventurous At Heart Retreats are a unique, one-of-a-kind experience for those photographers wanting to widen their portfolios and learn skills from other photographers on the island. Jasmine has truly created a wonderful experience for people to get together and share their passion of photography.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my photos from New Wave Adventurous at Heart Underwater session! Please check out Jasmine's website and if you liked my photos feel free to cruise around my website for more travel blogs and photos or check out my Photography instagram page @shadeyphotography.

Behind the scenes

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