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Whether you are looking for a place to grab coffee, a place to sit for a couple hours, or just a place to meet a friend, here are my two favorite coffee shops near Camp Humphreys.

1. Creer & M2

How to get there:  

Type in "Creer & M" on the Waze app.

This coffee shop is only 20 minutes away from Camp Humphreys. If you can drive, there is parking on the streets, although if it's busy, be prepared to walk a block or two.

This is honestly one of my favorite coffee shops in Pyeongtaek, or all of South Korea, because of the ambience and lack of crowd. I love that it is in Pyeongtaek and not in Seoul, because it's never very crowded. And you can drive there, meaning it's easier to get to. I'm from Ohio, so I'm used to just driving every where.

The shop is actually an interior design business, with a coffee shop front. They have offices in the back corner of the café. I'm truly they know that their sign is spelled wrong? I laugh every time I walk in, because the floor says "Desing Company". I swear, just look at the pictures below. I actually discovered this place on Instagram one weekend, while going through Pyeongtaek's stories. I love going to sit in here with my computer to do some blogging on the weekends. They have WiFi, some outlets, and a water stand.

The menu is strictly in Korean, and don't expect them to speak English. You can still tell them what you want in English; iced Mocha, caramel macchiato, latte, cappuccino, espresso, americano. You could also pull up a picture on their Instagram page and show them what you want. You have the option to get almost anything either hot or cold. Unfortunately, this place would get my five-stars if they served some sustaining food. They do serve some cakes and sweets though. So come on a full stomach! Or if you want to grab a coffee with a friend before lunch or dinner, there are many restaurants around the café.

2. Jin Café

Jin Café is just around the corner from my apartment so it's super convenient to get to, and they have waffles!

It is the blue coffee cup icon in the upper left corner, just a two minute drive from the Walk-through Gate at Camp Humphreys. Its address is as follows:

120-17 Wonjeong-ri, Paengseong-eup, Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-do

The cafe is open every day of the week opening at 08:00 on the weekdays and 09:00 on the weekend. Almost every day, it will close at 20:00. Hours may vary slightly.

Jin Café is a great breakfast, brunch, and coffee shop. They have a variety of different breakfast waffles and an extensive list of coffees for you to choose from. See the menu below in images. I think my favorite part about this coffee shop is that there is always a dog running around. You have waffles, coffee, and dogs all under one roof! So whether you are grabbing brunch with some friends, getting breakfast with some co-workers, or just going to get some coffee and read by yourself, go check out Jin Café! It's an amazing hidden gem in Pyeongtaek.

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