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Couples     Prices Start At $400

I love hearing love stories and bringing two people together to make them remember why they love each other. I want to capture that love and laughter.

Portraits     Prices Start At $400

Capturing candid shots of your day in the life is my passion. Your genuine smile, the spark in your eye talking about your favorite things in life. Let's dream up your perfect shoot. 

Proposals     Prices Start At $600

Wow, you've made it. You found your best friend in the world. That is exciting! I will gush over your excitement and capture this magical moment, every girl's dream, with probably 1,000+ photos just so I don't miss a beat. 

Elopements     Prices Start At $1,000

Whether it's an intimate ceremony at the court house, or a celebration on a mountain or at the beach in your wedding dress, I want to help make this day everything you've dreamt it to be documenting every detail. 


Website Design     Prices Start At $3,000

Starting your own business, or just want your own website? Designing websites is one of my guilty pleasures! Inquire for more information if you are considering outsourcing for a new website design! 

* Available weekends and holidays only, Inquire for availability

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